Create a Life You Love

The Insight Seminar series is a unique journey of personal transformation. Using simple tools of awareness, our seminars will support you in manifesting what's truly in your heart for creating a life with greater joy, loving, abundance, and success.

Since Insight’s beginning in January 1978, over one million people ages 6 to 96 have participated in our seminars throughout the world and discovered ways to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

They all seem to have one thing in common…no matter how great their life is going, they are looking for MORE… and searching for an experience of greater happiness and fulfillment.

Adult Seminars
Many of us wrestle with relationship, family, and career challenges as we go through different life stages or transitions. We offer a series of integrated, highly interactive seminars and workshops designed to assist you in exploring what you have created so far and how you can experience more of what you truly want out of life.
Youth Seminars
Our Youth Seminars give children, teens, and young adults the experience of living more fully from their heart and teaches them how to make conscious choices that support having the positive life experiences they really want.
Business Programs
Business Insight is dedicated to transforming the world through transforming business. We do this by creating a workplace where people are alive and empowered–where work is fun, enlivening, and a place where people are engaged in serving themselves, their customers, and their company.