Your life, working even better

Insight is a unique journey of personal transformation. Using simple, yet profound tools based on heart-centered awareness, our seminars will support you in letting go of whatever is not working in your life and propel you in moving more fully into what will create more love and happiness.

Since Insight’s beginning in January 1978, over a million people have participated in our seminars around the world. We offer programs for youth and adults.

If you're new to Insight, Insight I: The Awakening Heart is a great place to start. If you're a grad of Insight, there are many opportunities to play in a bigger and deeper way through participating in new programs like the Masters Class, auditing programs you've completed, and volunteering.

Adult Seminars
Our Adult Seminars create a safe space for you explore what's working and not working for you and how you can experience more joy, confidence, and love in your life.
Youth Seminars
Our Youth Seminars give children, teens, and young adults the experience of living more fully from their heart and teaches them how to make conscious choices that support having the positive life experiences they really want.
Business Programs
Business Insight is dedicated to transforming the world through transforming business. We do this by creating a workplace where people are alive and empowered–where work is fun, enlivening, and a place where people are engaged in serving themselves, their customers, and their company.