Create a Life You Love

The Insight Seminar series is a unique journey of personal transformation. Using simple tools of awareness, our seminars will support you in manifesting what's truly in your heart for creating a life with greater joy, loving, abundance, and success.

Adult Programs
Adults often wrestle with relationship, family and career challenges as we go through different life stages or transitions. Insight offers a series of integrated, highly interactive seminars and workshops designed to assist you in exploring what you have created so far and how you can experience more of what you truly want out of life.
Teen and Youth Programs
For many, the teenage years are the most challenging time in life. At a time in life when issues like alcohol, drugs, gender issues and sex often challenge us, Teen Insight brings together teenagers from diverse backgrounds who discover that they are not alone, that they all face similar challenges. Teens experience the power of the loving heart in resolving conflicts — both inner and outer — as well as in promoting conscious, positive choices.
Business Programs
There is only one reason to engage the services of any seminar, consulting or coaching company, and that is to improve your company's performance. Whether that means a more effectively running enterprise or a more profitable bottom-line, Business Insight programs deliver people-based solutions that produce tangible results.