Teen Insight III

Centering in the Heart

The Teen Insight III seminar is a very profound experience for teens because it takes them out of the frantic pace of a world with constant peer interaction, and incessant texting and connection and brings them into a quiet and contemplative place. Focusing more intently on the connection with the inner, authentic self, it is an extraordinary seminar designed to assist teens in being present in the moment, and becoming more deeply centered in the heart regardless of what is going on around them. For many teens it is the first opportunity to recognize and connect with some of their higher aspects.


Teen Insight III takes teens 14–18 into a well-supervised retreat setting for five full days. A maximum of 60 participants spend time in both engaging individual and group exercises and contemplative processes. Some of the activities are held out-of-doors and portions of the seminar are held in silence.

This seminar also includes time for the teenagers to break into groups by gender so they can discuss male/female issues they might not be so comfortable discussing in a mixed gender group.

Lodging and meals are provided to maintain the inner directed focus, though laughter and fun are also keynotes of this seminar.

Objectives of Teen Insight III include:

  • Developing the ability to become a neutral observer and respond to situations rather than react to them
  • Assisting participants in becoming aware of the specific distractions in their life
  • Learning to connect with and listen to inner guidance and intuition and facilitate themselves
  • Experiencing how judging others limits and impacts consciousness and experience and learning practical techniques of forgiveness
  • Accessing, trusting, and acting upon the guidance of the heart and strengthening the ability to see situations with greater clarity
  • Embodying more fully the qualities of compassion, acceptance, and authenticity
  • Discovering how to accept, trust and surrender to the process of life
  • Further anchoring the skills and tools of heart-centered living learned in Insight I and II

The Teen Insight III seminar introduces teens to a way of retreating to a calm place of wisdom within, where they can pause and regroup when challenges arise.

Prerequisites: Insight I and II and facilitator approval. Parent/guardian consent is required.

Standard Tuition: $1045 (includes room & board)
Early Payment Tuition: $945 (if paid in full 30 days prior)
Audit Tuition: $400 (for returning participants)
Bus Departs
Seminar Begins
10:00a.m. – 11:00a.m.
Seminar Ends
Drop-off in Santa Monica