U.S. Facilitators

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Mary Ann Somerville

Mary Ann is an international educator, consultant, executive coach, and curriculum designer. She is a co-facilitator and masterful designer of the new Insight Masters Class.

Image of the Facilitator Candace Semigran

Candace Semigran

Candace has led a rich life of service for Insight, EduCare Foundation, and other organizations dear to her heart. In addition to facilitating Seminars, she volunteers her time to serve on the Insight Board.

Image of the Facilitator David Raynr

David Raynr

David began his love for Insight at the young age of 17, when he took his first Insight I Seminar. He’s been facilitating Insight Seminars for nearly 40 years, in addition to building a successful acting career.

Image of the Facilitator Leslie Boyer

Leslie Boyer

Leslie has conducted personal and professional development programs for over 25 years. As a facilitator for Insight, she designed and helps facilitate the month-long Insight IV Seminar.

Image of the Facilitator Dale Kitchell

Dale Kitchell

Dale has been involved with Insight Seminars for over 20 years in a variety of different capacities, supporting the global community. He is a key part of the team facilitating the Insight IV Seminar.

Image of the Facilitator Stu Semigran

Stu Semigran

Stu has spent over 30 years facilitating Insight Seminars and is particularly gifted at working with youth. As President of EduCare Foundation, he works with young adults on becoming responsible leaders.

Image of the Facilitator Stu Eldrick Bone

Eldrick Bone

Eldrick took his first Insight Seminar in 2004 and has volunteered for just about every Youth Insight Seminar since. In addition to facilitating for Youth Insight, he works on after school programs for EduCare Foundation and is an avid filmmaker.

Image of the Facilitator Janet Parker

Janet Parker

Janet first began working with Insight in 1979 in Boston, where she produced Seminars and subsequently became a Seminar facilitator. She has devoted her life to helping people have more fulfilling lives.

Image of the Facilitator David Bransky

David Bransky

David has over 25 years of experience in leadership and team-building training for corporations and non-profits. In addition to facilitating Youth Seminars, he works in administration for a university in California.

Image of the Facilitator Michael Connor

Michael Connor

Michael has been involved with Insight for over 25 years. In addition to facilitating Seminars, he was instrumental in getting Insight started in Bulgaria. He also has a successful career as a corporate facilitator, coach, and consultant.

Iberoamérica Facilitators

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Image of the Facilitator Luana Saturnino

Luana Saturnino

Luana has been involved with Insight Seminars since 1999. She has a PhD. in History Cultural, author of books and articles that combine reflections on history, philosophy and art. She currently lives in Brazil.

Image of the Facilitator John Marín

John Marín

John has 20 years of experience accompanying world-class leaders to through executive coaching and project design-execution organizational strategies aimed at improving competitiveness, with a focus focused on the development of human capital Cultural, author of books and articles that combine reflections on history, philosophy and art. He currently lives in Brazil.

Image of the Facilitator Jacques Giraud

Jacques Giraud

Jacques has participated in the training of more than 15,000 people on topics such as leadership, coaching and emotional intelligence in more than 15 countries in America and Europe. Certified Facilitator of Insight Seminars since 1997. His vision is to accompany the human being to rediscover his/her purpose and strengthen your skills, to empower you in achieving your goals.

Image of the Facilitator Ramón Martinez

Ramón Martinez

Ramon is committed to accompanying and supporting people to find health, emotional balance and the desired results in their lives, from the recognition of unique, different and valuable beings, worthy of living the full life they want. In the last 20 years he has worked as a personal and executive coach for the School European Coaching, trainer and consultant in large corporations.

Image of the Facilitator Basilio Christou

Basilio Christou

Basilio’s work has reached more than 30,000 people on 5 continents. It combines knowledge and technologies from diverse fields such as science, psychology, emotional intelligence, programming neurolinguistics and the Arts. His way of working is interactive with a good sense of humor and enthusiasm.

Image of the Facilitator German Beines

German Beines

German’s vision is to support people and organizations to optimize and empower resources to achieve success and quality of life at the same time. As a facilitator, coach ontological and “counselor”, accompanies and develops personalized action, focusing on personal care, life balance, self-love and contribution to the world. An expert in working on procrastination, he bases his approach on John Roger’s premise: “In the mind, love is a concept. In the heart love is one action”.

Image of the Facilitator Gazú García

Gazú García

Gazu has invested the last 20 years of his life in observing the experience of “Being Human ”, promoting awareness and personal responsibility, both emotionally and behaviorally, as well as physically and spiritually. Her focus topics have to do with transcendence, life purpose, emotional intelligence, relationships and communication.

Image of the Facilitator Gabriela Mieri

Gabriela Mieri

Gabriela has worked with more than 20 thousand people in more than 15 countries in America and Europe Its intention is to inspire and motivate people to express their qualities and their potential in such a way that they can achieve the objectives that are they propose.

Image of the Facilitator Alicia Stephany

Alicia Stephany

Alicia’s intention is to support the development of personal potential, in an environment dynamic, deep, respectful and effective. creating a work structure based on honesty, commitment and the practical application of what is you want to achieve.

Image of the Facilitator Pablo Lipnizky

Pablo Lipnizky

Pablo’s has worked with more than 10,000 people. Montessori guide certificate by the AMI, Master in NLP from The Society of NLP and Master of Spiritual Sciences by P.T.S. & College of Philosophy. His intention is to support people to develop their potential to create the life that everyone wants.

Image of the Facilitator Paula Fernández

Paula Fernández

Paula’s vision is to assist and inspire people to identify their values and develop your talents, to achieve greater success and well-being. Has led to thousands of people in search of their self-knowledge and leadership.

Image of the Facilitator Peter Felsmann

Peter Felsmann

Peter’s approach is to create management and personal development strategies, achieving immediate and long-lasting results. His clients achieve extraordinary results, in balance with the “personal”. He is a board member of the Educare Foundation, and is specialized in Strategic Consulting, Executive Coaching, Facilitation in large groups and motivational talks.

Image of the Facilitator José Caraball

José Caraball

Jose supports your clients to improve their self-confidence, productivity, communication and interpersonal relationships to achieve greater success and balance in the field personal and professional. His work focuses on improving the quality of life of people, helping them to enjoy more of what they do, while they improve their results and are more responsible and happy. José is director of the Corporate Division for Insight Iberoamerica Seminars.

Russian Facilitators

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Image of the Facilitator Vitale Fomin

Vitale Fomin

Since attending his first seminar in 1993, Vitali has been working to develop the Insight community in Russia. He facilitates Insight I, II and III seminars for adults as well as youth Insight programs. Vitali holds a degree in psychology from City University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in research on coping mechanisms. He leads seminars and workshops for students, the general public and local corporations.

U.K. Facilitators

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Image of the Facilitator Ruth Rochelle

Ruth Rochelle

Ruth has been part of Insight Seminars since the first UK seminar over 4 decades ago. She’s facilitated Insight seminars around the world for over 20 years.

She was born in London, studied Architecture at university, loves movies, walking her dog and warm weather. Ruth has worked in the field of motivation, communication and personal development since 1980. She headed up Insight UK for five years, before presenting Insight’s personal development seminars.

Image of the Facilitator Ginny Fraser

Ginny Fraser

Ginny is an executive coach and international facilitator. She has been facilitating around the world with Insight Seminars since 1995, from Brazil to Siberia. She also designs and facilitates workshops, webinars, and pods in the business arena, working with clients including BP, Mondelez (Kraft), the NHS, Virgin, and HSBC.




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