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Insight is a thriving organization because of the support of our graduate volunteers around the world. We would love your support in reaching new people about Insight and assisting at seminars. Here are some ways to play:


Assisting at Seminars

Assisting at seminars is a wonderful way to tap back into what you loved about Insight. You are giving back and also gaining a spark of the love, fun, and creative energy that happens in the seminar.

You can assist at any seminar you are a graduate of. All we ask for is a commitment to the time needed, a joyful attitude, an open heart, and a willingness to serve.


Here are some typical assisting roles:
Team Captain – Oversee the whole team and ensure a seamless event for participants and facilitators
Team Assistant – Serve wherever there is a need during the seminar, under the loving direction of the Team Captain
Sound Assistant – Support the sound needs of the seminar (this is the only role that requires some training, due the technical nature)
Registration Assistant – Greet participants when they arrive (this one can be done without assisting at the whole seminar if you just have a few hours to give)

If you would like to assist at a seminar, please check out our current schedule and reach out to us at volunteers@insightseminars.org. For assisting opportunities outside of the U.S., please contact our international partners directly.


Assisting with Outreach

Another great way to give back and support Insight is to help with outreach, by encouraging your friends and family to take an introductory workshop or attend the Insight I seminar. We would love for every Insight I seminar in Southern California and around the world to be full, with new people experiencing the magic of Insight. Time and time again, participants tell us they took the seminar because someone who cares about them encouraged them to go. That’s why our grad network is so important in keeping Insight thriving, reaching new people who could benefit from this education.

Ways to help with outreach:
Share about Insight on social media, particularly sharing our posts on Facebook.
Bring your friends and family to upcoming Introductory Workshops.

Or, if you have other creative ideas to support enrollment that you want to run with, we would love to hear what you have in mind at volunteers@insightsemidev.wpengine.com.





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