Children’s Insight

Children’s Insight is a playful Insight Seminar for ages 6-10. It explores the Insight themes in a way that kids can easily relate to, through games, demonstrations, and activities.

Over 2 days, the kids will have an opportunity to look at:

  • Building heart-centering tools to use when their life feels challenging

  • Becoming their own trusted best friend

  • Finding a peaceful place inside of themselves

  • Sharing from a loving place

  • Making good choices

  • Dealing with peer pressure

  • Being a good friend to others

  • Having a good attitude

  • Expressing joyfully and confidently

“Our entire family is in a very happy place now. I am grateful to Children’s Insight for contributing so much to our happiness as a family and even more so to my children’s continued confidence, success, and happiness throughout their lives.”

What to Expect:

Children’s Insight creates a fun, safe, and loving environment for children ages 6 –10 to explore how to be happy, confident, and expressive, sharing openly and lovingly with friends, family, and at school.

We engage the parents/guardians at the beginning and end of the Seminar to help anchor the new behaviors. Other family members are also invited to participate in a Sharing process at the end of the second day, to learn keys and awarenesses that the whole family can benefit from.


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