Insight Masters Class: Living Loving

If you were living your life from a place of heart-centered mastery, what would you be doing or experiencing differently?

The Insight Masters is a three-month-long program focused on living your life from a place of heart-centered mastery. It is an advanced program designed for participants from all over the world who are committed to personal transformation.

Over 3 months, you will have an opportunity to embrace:

  • Aligning with your next levels of mastery

  • Living more purposefully from the heart

  • Igniting and trusting your higher intuition

  • Mastering your deepest issues

  • Achieving authentic and powerful results

  • Learning and integrating the latest research about the heart/mind connection

  • Embodying the time-honored principles and technology of Insight

  • Discovering new possibilities for contribution, manifestation, and transformation

  • Experiencing a dynamic and powerful field of loving

  • Applying the skills to live in new ways and at a much higher level

“The value I received from the Masters Class is…priceless.  I have been involved in personal growth work for 25 years and the Masters Class provided me subtle, yet paradoxically huge tweaks for mastery in my life.”

What to Expect:
The Insight Masters Class: Living Loving is a new program in the Insight series. It affirms the Insight principles in a deeply personal and often transformative way for heart-centered mastery.

The program includes 3 in-person seminars (4 days each) and 3 teleseminars with the facilitators. You’ll also have the support of your fellow participants through weekly Master Mind sessions, to offer each other support, creative brainstorming, and encouragement throughout the process. These sessions are held virtually or in-person, depending on where your team is located.

Since the program builds on the foundation of what you learned in Insight I, II, and III, it is only available to grads of Insight III or IV. It is also limited to 40 participants, to allow for plenty of interaction with facilitators and success for each participant.

The Seminar is held in various locations around the world.

Insight Masters Class
SEPTEMBER 11th-14th, OCTOBER 16th-19th, NOVEMBER 20th-23rd | Los Angeles, CA | Register

3, 4-day weekends over 3 months

Insight I, II, and III
This Class does not require that you complete Insight IV

9:30am–9pm daily
Ending times are approximate. Sunday session typically ends by 5pm

If you have any questions about the tuition or logistics, please contact our Registration Coordinator at or (800) 311-8001, ext. 110.


If you would like to speak to someone about the Masters Class content or to explore if this class is for you, please reach out to Mary Ann Somerville.

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